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With previous singles ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Apple & Peach’ garnering love on Spotify with several playlist placements including ‘New Music Friday AU/NZ’, ‘Just Chill’ and ‘Low-Key Weekend’ to name a few, Melbourne production duo Yuto. are back with arguably their most impressive offering to date in ‘Circles’ that features the divine vocals of Luna May.

‘Circles’ injects plenty of warmth into the sound palate through the use of the inviting keys and four to the floor beat setting the uplifting momentum in place, whilst allowing plenty of space for May’s stunning melodies to take centre stage. These elements build in a subtle manner that leads into the lively chorus that sees a powerful shift in intensity courtesy of the robust synth bass striking its way through the mix, allowing the dance influence to make its presence felt immediately. 

“We made heaps of ideas for this song but have settled on this one as it brings us the most joy.” – Yuto.

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