For years now, Young Franco has been developing his sound, but as he’s grown, he’s never lost his groove. Every song Young Franco releases is a slice of vibrant funk that just makes you feel good from the inside out, which is also, the general intent of his latest release ‘Two Feet’. Alongside frequent collaborator Pell and neo-soul vocalist Dana Williams, Young Franco has developed an upbeat track that is signature Franco, with a cheeky twist. 

Kicking things off with some very relaxed vibes, Pell raps over a slightly distorted beat before ‘Two Feet’ fully blooms. Rounded production is decorated with a bouncing beat, twangy percussion and a series of cheeky samples that pop in and out between the vocals. The melody is simple, but it’s crisp and feels just right – like a cool slushy on a hot day. 

‘Two Feet’ is a very summery jam. It’s a lot of fun and has a wholesome energy. There’s nothing here but good vibes and a lot of sweetness, two things we can always expect from Young Franco because really, that’s just the type of guy he is and his personality really shines through his music. 

Stream: Of Leisure
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