There aren’t many artists who can guarantee to lift your spirits on every release, but in the case of the always energetic Wave Racer his new single ‘Higher’ is just what we all need in our lives with his trademark positivity on display.

‘Higher’ brings forth a consistent approach to the much loved back catalogue that we’ve come to love with Wave Racer, this being a major injection of colour and buoyancy created in the synths compiled whilst a thumping percussion base holds the structure together. Featuring the addictive vocal melodies of ‘Can you take me higher’ locking its place in your head, ‘Higher’ achieves its goal of cementing its place in your heart for a long time.

For me, the song functions not only as an ode to the notion of ascension, but it’s also a kind of trophy symbolising my overcoming creative roadblocks – it set in motion a whole series of creative changes in my life.” – Wave Racer

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