Perth producer Ukiyo has achieved one of the biggest rises in stature across 2020 with his highly acclaimed previous single ‘Good Enough’, and now delivers a stunning and delicate follow up in ‘The Middle’ (features fellow Australian artist Panama) – the latest offering from Ukiyo‘s forthcoming self-titled debut LP out in November.

Centred around the airy and gentle vocals of Panama from the moment the track starts, ‘The Middle’ offers nothing but raw beauty in its instrumentation compiled. Building the narrative in a minimalist manner of rich-sounding pianos and reverb-soaked snaps, Ukiyo injects a sense of atmospheric bliss as we approach the choruses with alluring arpeggios and a driving four to the floor kick pattern that transfers a welcoming groove for all to bask in.

“The Middle is all about meeting in ‘the middle.’  The original demo when I sent it to Panama was called “stay” which I thought was a funny little response to my previous track “Go” with Chymes.  They both discuss similar themes of dysfunctional relationships & the fight within when you’re trying to leave them….working with Panama was a dream come true.  His ‘Always’ EP way back in 2013 with all the amazing remixes on it was one of the things that got me absolutely hooked on electronic music & learning how to make it so this song is a bit of a full circle moment.” – Ukiyo

Stream: Pack Records
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