After reaching the #1 played track on triple J, Australian producer Torren Foot adds more fire to the already thumping release ‘More Life’ by teaming up with Tinie (Tempah) and L Devine that gives the track that little bit more drive and addictiveness with its commanding nature.

Both vocalists play off the force that Torren Foot left in the music, and add a further layer of catchiness with the lively melodies that immediately become entranced in your head. This energy is further emphasised in the accompanying music video which stars both Tinie  and L Devine, which tells us the story of a person consuming a ‘More Life’ energy drink and achieves his mission of more energy in his own life.

“It’s still wild to me seeing Tinie & L Devine on a record that I produced, but 2020 is a crazy year, right?!! To have the opportunity to release a track with these two amazing artists is truly humbling.” – Torren Foot

Stream: Sweat It Out
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