Following on from the release of his debut album earlier this year, South Florida producer Sofasound brings forth a lo-fi banger alongside falcxne titled ‘You Been On My Mind’ which combines majestic and club inspiration together with impeccable results.

Opening the piece with some soothing ambient elements that ease us into a comforting setting, Sofasound quickly combines this notion with the electronic influence through a thumping drumming pattern and booming bass to transfer an uncompromising groove into your ears. ‘You Been On My Mind’ continues to shake things up constantly with the buzzing chorus that intensifies significantly with its surging instrumentation taking things up a notch with its high-octane energy. 

“You Been On My Mind was inspired by a drive down Hutchinson Island, Florida  which is the beach area by where I live. The palm trees and sunny sky, and good music, but an empty passenger seat which the song was written to my ‘future’ girlfriend that we would be riding by the beach together one day laughing and enjoying life.” – Sofasound

Stream: bitbird
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