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Following on from their returning track ‘Disappear’ which marked their first single since their momentary hiatus, Sydney duo PLGRMS are back this week with an emotive offering titled ‘Limbs’ that was produced again by Ross James (upsidedownhead).

Drawing echoes to the likes of LANKS and Mansionair, ‘Limbs’ tugs at your heartstrings through the haunting melodies of lead vocalist Jake Pearson that work in partnership with the intensified elements such as the screeching sirens, emphatic synths and crashing drums that results in a wall of sound smashing through your speakers.

“I think we’ve probably all met someone that acts impulsive and fearless, then fixates on maintaining that reputation…the lyric “Show me who you really are” was my first inclination towards someone who always had their walls up. But to feel someone lower their defences and explore that with you was like finding gold.” – PLGRMS

Stream: 2X1 Music Group/Believe
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