Fresh off releasing one of the finest collaborations of the year with Shallou in ‘I Leave Again’, French producer Petit Biscuit returns with an electrifying offering titled ‘Drivin Thru The Night’ – the lead single from his forthcoming LP which is being released from Biscuit’s self-run label Écurie.

‘Drivin Thru The Night’ brings forth plenty of drive and uplift in its three minute duration, courtesy of the crisp beats and bubbly synths on offer that sets the groove in place for Biscuit’s easy-going melodies to take centre stage. As we arrive at the chorus, we see the groove take over with an injection of the synth bass and sampled vocals providing that edge to ensure people are getting amongst the tempo (if they aren’t already)!

Petit Biscuit explains how ‘Driving Thru The Night’ “is first about freedom. A lonely man is wandering through the streets, living how he wants and going where he wants until he finds his lonely alter-ego. They are sharing what most people would call the beginning of a love story…I would simply call it complicity. Most people would also think they need love to exist but it’s wrong. You can live and exist by yourself. You don’t need anyone else. I’ve been writing all the lyrics in Iceland, where I was isolated for months. I was missing my loved ones but at the same time, I didn’t feel any pressure from anyone, so I had this idea of this lonely man, who’s obviously me, and all that story around.

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