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Australian newcomer Oshua has brought forth quite a dreamy debut EP titled ‘Sleeping Forever’ that dabbles across various genres to create a warm and inviting track list that is as fresh as they come.

Featuring previous releases in ‘Four Walls’ and ‘Clowns Have Demons’, Oshua brings forth five previously unheard tracks that meld together elements of electronic, R&B, hip-hop and pop to create a crisp soundscape. Centred around hard-hitting beats, booming bass lines and alluring guitats, Oshua utilises these strengthened foundations as the perfect podium for his playful melodies that are full of heart. 

“I started making music in my bedroom so I would feel more productive at night. I wanted my EP to reflect a perspective of someone who is alone during the late night in their bedroom and what emotions/feelings are associated with that. I really liked the idea of having an entire project create the sense of melancholy you sometimes feel at night when you’re in bed, that’s why I named the EP Sleeping Forever – I feel like that resonates with the idea.” – Oshua

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