There aren’t many artists that have had the year that Omar Apollo has. With a ridiculous amount of impressive releases under his belt, Apollo has once again delivered a fresh new single ‘Kamikaze’ that is as confident and cool as they come.

‘Kamikaze’ comes through with a sleek soundscape that provides plenty of funky grooves, such as the brittle percussion, super-smooth bass lines and luscious guitars that inject a heavy amount of swagger through the duration. Apollo’s vocals stand firm in the centrepiece with captivating melodies that leave you pleading for more awesomeness.

‘Kamikaze’ is a song that taps into my old emotions, taking it back to when I was younger. When I made ‘Kamikaze’ I was reminiscing on how I used to feel for someone and realizing those feelings are lost and we’re left with nothing. It feels good to hold on to the memories without the feelings it gave me.” – Omar Apollo

Stream: Warner Records
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