After working on some of the biggest albums in electronic music such as Flume‘s ‘Skin’ and Alison Wonderland‘s ‘Awake’, Australian producer Naderi continues to see his name ascend at a rapid rate with the second single of his forthcoming debut EP with the booming ‘Stardust’ that features Reo Cragun on vocals.

‘Stardust’ injects a dark and ominous feeling into the soundscape through the blackened synth haunting the backdrop of the piece, which is matched by Cragun’s fragile tone that showcases the intensity held in the core of the message. Naderi further intensifies the piece with a booming bass and trap-inspired beats that provide a futuristic spin on the R&B world, that sets the podium in tact for Crogun to take charge with a commanding performance full of raw emotion.

“When Reo and I wrote this song, I was on the other side of the planet far away from my girl and I was missing her so badly that it was bringing me down. I wanted Stardust to capture the passion and intensity of when you love, to the point you can feel it in your bones.” – Naderi

“I love this song, it makes me feel like I’m on another planet.” – Reo Cragun

Stream: Inertia Music
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