French songwriter Lelli gives me serious Marian Hill vibes – relatively new to the scene, her second EP “Popular Kids” is a swirling series of edgy, 808 sounds and layers upon layers of lovely harmonies.  Each track promises a rise and fall of electronic energy, pushing listeners eagerly towards the chorus to see which experimental elements will appear next.  No two songs sound exactly the same, but they all sound like they belong to Lelli, each one adorned with beautiful, falling echoes of her voice.  The EP showcases her talent especially towards the end, my personal favorites being “Roll (My Eyes)” and “Since Us.”  “Roll (My Eyes)” is much more alternative and punchy, with Lelli’s voice sliding across the notes and demanding attention, while “Since Us” slows everything down, like a breath of vulnerable fresh air at the end of the EP. What I really hear in Lelli is incredible potential: an ability to layer different digital, glitchy elements without being overbearing, a willingness to experiment with sound, and a voice that is equal parts soothing as it alluring.    

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