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New Zealand outfit LEISURE provide us with a smooth and dreamy new offering titled ‘Lonely Nights’, the latest glimpse of their forthcoming ‘SIDE A’ EP, that provides plenty of colour both in the instrumentation compiled and the accompanying music video on offer.

‘Lonely Nights’ achieves such a lush and calming soundscape through the airy vocals of which have been lathered in crystal-clear polish, as well as a grooving bass line and crunchy drums that provide a firm foundation in the backdrop. With further colour splashed around the mix with the twanging guitars, LEISURE deliver a sun-drenched visual backdrop that will be a major edition to upcoming summer playlists.

‘Lonely Nights’ was born at 2am in a haze. We’d been listening to a lot of Japanese city pop and some Bee Gees from the 70s which fed into the production and extra female bv’s and string stabs. A simple story of two people hoping to find peace with each other.” – LEISURE

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