With only a few weeks left until his forthcoming album ‘Orca’ drops, Gus Dapperton gives us one final taste with the extremely powerful new single ‘Medicine’, a commanding sombre effort that is sure to leave an impact on you upon the first listen.

‘Medicine’ is led by the gripping pianos that become a catalyst to the structure of the piece, building hand in hand with the rising nature of Dapperton’s vocals that move from a laid-back approach to a commanding presence that stands firm with its power. Forming a strengthened bond with the thickened pads and strings combo, ‘Medicine’ rises to the occasion in that latter stages to an eruption of sound that is a sensational ending to a captivating offering.

“This track defines the album most explicitly. I wrote it as a song that would narrate my life. Medicine is about someone who is self destructive so that they can get high off of the process of healing. The hurting phase is of no concern to them. +++” – Gus Dapperton 

Stream: AWAL
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