After some extremely impressive releases this year including ‘Hold On’ and ‘Living, Breathing’, Grammy nominated electronic producer ford. gives fans the news they’ve been waiting for with the release of the the title track to his forthcoming album ‘The Color of Nothing’.

In true fashion, ‘The Color of Nothing’ should be considered a benchmark for any aspiring producers looking to step into the lo-fi/indie-electronic realm. It’s an utterly stunning soundscape that sets its foundations in place through the rawness of vinyl scratches in the early stages, which carry their way through the duration of the piece whilst ford. lathers us up with inviting pads, warm synths and lively beats add further texture to the piece. Carrying forth a progressive nature in the tempo, ‘The Color of Nothing’ stuns you with its divine beauty that shines brighter than any diamond you’ll come across.

“I started writing this song right around the beginning of winter 2018. It was a couple months into my first (and subsequently last) semester at university and my first time experiencing a full winter in Utah. I spent the majority of my time hibernating in my room, working on music consistently” – ford.

Stream: Foreign Family Collective
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