It’s been a decade since we last receive a feature-length release from legendary dance act Faithless, but that all changes today as they’ve just announced their forthcoming new album ‘All Blessed’ will be released on October 23rd – and they’ve given us our first taste of it with the sonic journey of ‘Synthesizer’ (which features Nathan Ball).

With Ball’s easy-going vocals setting the scene, ‘Synthesizer’ lives up to the name with the main focus of the piece lying in the gripping use of synths and electronic influence that provides the mix with significant levels of depth. Evoking a futuristic landscape throughout the duration of the piece, this notion is exemplified further through the eye-catching accompanying music video that is set in a new dimension filled with skyscrapers built of speakers that is a real treat for all to feast among. 

“This is the track that got us thinking of doing a new album in the first place. A love letter to what we do and the music we make and also a little social commentary on our obsession with technology, musically all rolled into a big bold warm Faithless-y anthem. Inspired by Trevor Horn, Sparks, Jean-Michel Jarre and our own back catalogue!” – Faithless

Stream: BMG
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