Just recently we discovered a new Canadian artist called Eli Dasilva via a great new single he’d just released titled ‘So Bad’ which easily sparked my attention.

I was hoping we’d hear more from him sooner rather than later and as it turns out he is coming back to us this week with his debut album “Creativity Flows”, and I have to say I am impressed by this guy’s smooth electro/R&B/Hip-Hop sound & style. 

“Honestly this album is about discovering. Not only discovering who I am as an artist but as a person. I’ve recently been contemplating if music is the thing God wants me to do in my life, and I think through this album you can hear my journey through those thoughts. All seven tracks in my opinion fit together perfectly but are all completely different. To see this all unfold near perfectly, I see this project as my sign to keep going.” – Eli Dasilva

Stream: https://linktr.ee/EliDasilva
Artist Connect: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram  

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