I don’t know who anticipated a new Django Django track, but ‘Spirals’ definitely was a welcome surprise for me. The band haven’t released a new track since 2018 and seemingly out of nowhere, we now have a brand new track that, according to the band, is “a glimpse of what’s to come” – consider me giddy!

‘Spirals’ is classic Django Django. Not only are the band’s signature harmonies front and centre during the chorus, but there’s also buzzing synths, ‘80s inspired tones and snappy drums that feel so familiar, despite being combined into a brand new melody. The bass charges through ‘Spirals’, giving the song intention as it marches forth. The whole track is bursting with energy and I don’t know about you, but it fills me with a lot of joy.

‘Spirals’ is a great track and since there’s more “to come”, with little to no context, all we can do is revel in this brilliant track and wonder, is there a new album on the way? More unexpected tracks to pop up out of nowhere? Or is there something bigger we should be keeping an eye out for? 

Stream: Because Music
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