Sometimes a song comes along that feels like a breath of fresh air and today, that song is ‘Idaho’ by Cosmo’s Midnight. When a song like this suddenly appears, you’re filled with a sense of calm and just know that you can sit, back and simply enjoy everything around you because it somehow washes away any anxiety or worry you had stored in your brain. 

There’s a few ways ‘Idaho’ makes you feel so relaxed. The solid beat is supported by vibrant atmospherics that float around warm, ’70s-inspired accents and tapping tones that remind you of days spent at the beach with nothing to do but just feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Decadent falsettos dance above slick guitar licks and tapping tones guide you through the track, with the soft vocals embracing you as you soak in the general airiness of the melody. 

‘Idaho’ is a wonderfully hazy track and is so comfortable to listen to. This is one of a series of tracks Cosmo’s Midnight have released in anticipation for their new album ‘Yesteryear’, which is due to drop on October 2. So far, every track the duo have released from ‘Yesteryear’, including ‘Idaho’, have sounded so fresh and sweet so if this is what we can look forward to, then it looks like ‘Yesteryear’ may turn out to be one of 2020’s most enticing releases. 

Stream: Nite High / Sony Music
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