Some people just have that glimmer of talent that shines so bright it’s impossible to ignore. Briskey is one of those people. The Brisbane-based artist has released his first full EP called ‘Nothing To Lose’ and Troye Sivan better beware, because Australia has a new pop hero on its hands. 

‘Nothing To Lose’ is a wonderful EP that explores comfortably familiar pop territory with a unique twist. Each track has a hint of Briskey’s broad influences encased in a cocoon of smooth rhythms and decadent basslines. 

‘I Will Be Here’ is an extremely sweet track that delves into the emotions you feel when you’re opening up to someone for the first time. This storyline is elevated by ethereal harmonies that echo behind Briskey’s own vocals like vibrant flower petals in a garden. Soft atmospherics float beneath the beat and when that guitar solo kicks in, you’re completely hooked into this new loving world Briskey has created. 

‘Don’t Want To Talk About It’ and ‘Mystery’ are quite similar in that they both lean more towards the electronic end of the sound spectrum, while ‘I Will Be Here’ leans into pop. Both tracks have light percussion that dances over warm atmospherics, but of course, they have their own unique flavour that takes both melodies to new heights. 

For ‘Don’t Want To Talk About It’ it’s that deep, sweet saxophone solo. Honestly, any song with a saxophone solo is great, isn’t it?! For ‘Mystery’, it’s the warped vocals and twinkling synths that just make the whole song feel like a summery-poolside jam. 

On ‘Mesmerising’ and ‘Nothing To Lose’, the EP’s title track, everything gets a little funky. Twangy guitars and groovy basslines transform these two tracks into incredibly catchy tunes. ‘Mesmerising’ feels warm and summery with its beaming synths and if you’re thinking it sounds just as refreshing as a glass of orange juice on a warm summer day, you’re not the only one. ‘Nothing To Lose’ has gentle atmospherics and gentle harmonies lifting up the sleek production. Its twinkling instrumentals make the song sound so dreamy, but it’s still somehow grounded with the ‘70s-influenced tones. It’s a smooth track that perfectly ends this incredible EP. 

‘Nothing To Lose’ is such an infectious EP that every song will be playing in your head for days on end. Briskey has presented such a wonderful collection of songs that will be hard to forget, most likely because you’ll be playing them over and over again because he’s hooked you in. You can get tired of Briskey, it’s just not possible!

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