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A little bit of lo-fi music played night really sets a nice mood for whatever you have planned. Even if you’re just cooking dinner, Blush’kos new track ‘Moon’ will make that regular ritual a sweet moment in time by transforming the atmosphere of the room with his guild production. 

This song is best listened to by candlelight – if you can’t do that, then just imagine it. When those swirling atmospherics blend together with silky piano tones and Blush’ko’s own ethereal vocals, it’s really not hard to imagine you’re in the most serene place on the planet. ‘Moon’ has a lot of texture, thanks to some light percussion and a deep beat you can feel in your chest as the song plays on. It’s this texture, as well as the beautiful atmospherics that creates this calming effect and ‘Moon’ really takes hold of you and transports you somewhere tranquil.

A great track like this deserves a coveted spot on your favourite playlist. ‘Moon’ is a track that flows through you so slowly and softly that it creates a sense of ease almost immediately. Blush’ko has really been catching the attention of a lot of interaction audiences and with a song as caramelised as this, it’s very clear to see why. 

Stream: Lekker Collective
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