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BlankFor.ms has brought forth a distorted and lo-fi form of ambient electronica within his brand new EP ‘Memory’, a four-track offering that delivers plenty of texture and depth through an artistically driven journey. 

‘Memory’ is a masterclass in electronic production, with several layers of pads and synths melded together to encompass the whole mix with its dominating presence. Throughout the duration of ‘Memory’, BlankFor.ms holds down solid foundations of deepened ‘four to the floor’ beats and firm bass lines that allow the electrifying synths to have their moment in the sun.

“Every track begins with a melody that is eventually drowned in its surrounding texture. Wyoming buries a sad melody in murky tape-drenched distortion. 92 Senses features a traditional song form but with all the edges between sections bleeding into one another. Memory is a simple lullaby-like song on the piano, with pads and analog noise trying to disturb and smother it. Sarah features a melodic guitar line overtaken by a densely packed synth chord cycle. I wanted to create songs that feel vulnerable, almost as if they are beginning to lose control. The emotion is spilling over.” – BlankFor.ms

Stream: bitbird
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