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Just last month we heard the super smooth collaboration with Tinashe titled ‘Play Fight’, and in quick succession Los Angeles duo THEY. continue to produce incredible pieces of content with their new single ‘All Mine’ that is as sultry and seductive as they come.

‘All Mine’ provides those old-school R&B vibes with an incredibly crisp beat holding the backbone of the piece in tact, whilst swooning guitars and lush pianos set the piece alight alongside the flirtatious melodies that take centre stage.

“This song is one of the bedroom jams of the album. We both grew big fans of The-Dream and wanted to make something with that delivery and attitude he always brought.  A lot of us got those on-again/off-again type of relationships that always seem to come full circle. My ex told me that she was with a new dude and happy. I’m just like ok, we’ll see lol.“ – THEY.

Stream: Avant Garden / Island Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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