I do love me some Roosevelt and this week he’s got a new song for us called ‘Echoes’ which is a glorious six-minute slice of orchestral-disco heaven. 

As Roosevelt explains below he likes to see how big of a “bandy” sound he can make all on his own and when I try to imagine this track being played live I can’t see how one person can be doing all of that – but I sure would like to see it one day! 

“I often see the recording process as an experiment as to how much of a band sound I can create on my own. It still really excites me to produce something that sounds larger than my little recording studio, so even when I could hire musicians to come in and play parts, to me there’s something magic about doing it all by myself with my sometimes mediocre skills on some of the instruments I record. ‘Echoes’ is a good example, as I wanted to create a really rich and lush production, a ‘disco orchestra’ kind of sound, with lots of layers of sound.” – Roosevelt

This song is going to soundtrack my summer just nicely. Big love Roosevelt. 

Stream: Greco-Roman / City Slang
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