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Throughout 2020 we’ve seen the status of Adelaide producer PNK FME rise at a rapid rate, with spins on triple J and a premiere on Good Nights just to name a few accomplishments, but now he’s come through with his new EP ‘I’ve Never Been Me’ which is a true showcase of his impressive production and songwriting.

Featuring previous releases ‘You Never Said’, ‘Firing Line’ and ‘Body Language’, PNK FME brings forth two previously unheard tracks including the feature single ‘I Know But You Don’t’ featuring DVNA that is a real treat for fans of Flume. What is most evident on this release is the sense of comfortability within the brooding/dark electronic realm which we’ve come to see more and more from PNK FME over the years and make it his own with haunting vocals that set the mixes alight.

Stream: Gyrostream
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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