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Watching an artist blossom is one of the best things to experience. Pat Carroll has been constantly evolving his sound since arriving on the Australian electronic scene and his latest EP ‘Branching’ really shows off how unique his production skills are. Every track has a very intricate structure and despite being very experimental, each track also feels familiar – not because you think you’ve heard it before, but because it feels comfortable to get lost in. 

Kicking off the EP is a ghostly collaborative track Carroll has put together with fellow Sydney artist Ivy-Jane Browne called ‘Return Me’. Rounded samples bubble over smokey atmospherics and Browne’s brooding vocals really elevate a sense of spookiness that bleeds from the melody. A very slow bounding beat acts as a base for the production, with very subtle piano tones floating in and out every so often. ‘Return Me’ is brilliantly constructed and it has a sense of foreboding about it, which is really enjoyable. 

Things get a little more vibrant on ‘Branching’, the EP’s title track. ‘Branching’ has a fast-paced beat with slaps and clicks scattered across an airy soundscape. Heavier piano tones give the piece strength and altogether, the production feels very kaleidoscopic. It’s may not be a colourful kaleidoscope, as it still has a shadowy undertone, but it’s a kaleidoscopic sound nonetheless. 

Lastly, we have ‘Tectonics’, a track that can only be described as fun. ‘Tectonics’ is chock full of quirky instrumentals that pepper themselves across a soothing synth line. There’s a lot of power in the production on ‘Tectonics’, but just as you get used to the buzzing, humming and warped sounds, everything stops and an ethereal pause rises from the textured melody. It’s an exciting track and a great closer for such an intriguing EP.

If you hadn’t heard much of Pat Carroll’s work before listening to ‘Branching’, afterwards, you’ll wonder where on earth this talented artist has been hiding. Music as impressive as this should be circulating a lot more and Pat Carroll has put together an EP that sticks with you, simply because of how innovative is – so spread the good word! 

Stream: Eyegaze
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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