Omar Apollo is back with a quirky new single titled ‘Stayback’ that provides more of a mellow backdrop with plenty of mix genre influence that gives it a sense of individuality across its two and a half minute duration.

We immediately become exposed to this notion of multi-genre inspiration from the word go, with the melding of acoustic guitars and peculiar synths setting the scene amongst Apollo’s colourful melodies that instantly grab your attention. ‘Stayback’ carries forth a vibrancy in its sound palate which is most exemplified by the screeching electric guitars around the halfway mark that tear through the mix and take centre stage with their powerful approach.

“Stayback is a song about being in love for a long period of time. After years of being hurt emotionally, I moved on and decided to treat the relationship as a memory instead of fantasising it and trying to make it work. When I finished the production, I realised this was the song that I’ve been wanting to make my entire career. My guitar player Oscar killed the solo on it and really brought the whole thing together.” – Omar Apollo

Stream: Warner Records
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