We’re getting closer to narou‘s upcoming debut EP ‘GOOD COMPANY’, and the Berlin-based producer gives us his final instalment with his latest single ‘Enough’ alongside Noah Slee‘s mesmerising melodies that help intensify the murky soundscape throughout.

Written as an ode to his sister, as well as the sentiment of being more present in ones life, ‘Enough’ further signifies these narratives with a more mellowed out tempo held in the trap-inspired beats & deepened synths that sets the mood alongside the charismatic vocals that meld into the instrumentation like butter. 

narou builds the power throughout the duration right up until the epic finale, which sees a major shift in force from not only the accompanying instrumentation but Slee’s vocals that command significant presence through every individual note.

“Enough is a song I wrote for my sister. She’s been supporting me and my career since day one and a lot of my achievements would not have been possible without her. Like so many others, she is struggling to find her true passion and purpose in life. She is such a talented creative with a truly amazing visual aesthetic and I do believe in her more than anything.”

“In the song I am saying that one should try to be mindful and present, surround themselves with positive people that help you grow and be brave enough to fully pursue one’s potential and talents instead of playing safe by just staying in your comfort zone.” – narou

Stream: Gentle Giant Records
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