Following on from his highly acclaimed album ‘Good Faith’ last year, LA based, French songwriter and producer Madeon brings forth a spirited and buzzing new single titled ‘The Prince’ that was entirely produced, mixed and mastered by himself.

With Madeon stepping up to the plate and providing the only vocals throughout ‘The Prince’, the mysterious and eerie nature of the melodies creates the ultimate prodium for a dark coloured sound palate to be created. Featuring enforcing synths, blistering drums and a combination of organic and synth bass throughout the duration, ‘The Prince’ is highly engaging with its sheer intensity and energetic nature that leaves you craving more.

“The Prince” is the first song I completed for my album “Good Faith” but it didn’t make the final tracklist, I thought it was thematically too dark. Years later, a few months ago, I performed a live-streamed set for my friend Porter Robinson’s online festival ‘Secret Sky’.” – Madeon

Stream: Columbia Records
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