If someone told me that I could only listen to songs by Felivand for the rest of my life, I definitely wouldn’t be mad. In fact, the joke would be on them because I could sit back and listen to the soulful vocals and smooth melodies Felivand so delicately blends together on her latest single ‘Trajectory’ for days! 

The hard piano tones that open the track give you a feeling of determination, but then as soon as the pulsating baseline hits, the determination turns into a light swagger. This is the kind of song you bop your head along to as you walk down the street, fighting the urge to sway along. The rich bass leads the track with the sharp percussion and suave atmospherics subtly swirling beneath Felivand’s soulful vocals. The whole production is infectious and quite peaceful. A very funky kind of peaceful. 

It’s been pretty clear for a number of years now that Felivand is incredibly talented and on ‘Trajectory’, she really shines. Every element of the track is balanced and flows seamlessly. ‘Trajectory’ is like salted caramel – silky smooth with a bit of bite. A real musical treat!

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