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Redefining himself in a pronounced and refined frame, LA-based creative Duckwrth returns with his latest album “SuperGood”. An artist who oversees every extension of his persona from artwork, to the arrangements of his genre-fluid tracks, Duckwrth has been a rapidly rising act among the hip-hop and soul space with his exuberant attitude and limitless compositions. His previous work has ranged from punk rock ragers to chilled out left-field rhymes, however in “SuperGood” we get a taste of a new Duckwrth; one that has realised and maximised his star-worthy potential.

When speaking on the album, the artist remarked, “I wrote this album to celebrate the wondrous black music that moulded me into an artist and the black women that made me a king. If this album can remind you of a time where you believed in magic, then I’ve done my job.”

His legacy as an artist transcend’s in “SuperGood” as he takes in full stride his influences and allows them to grow and shine in a groundbreaking way. Introduction track “New Love Song” sets the warm tone for the album, setting a precedent of a self-reflective narrative to be explored throughout the work. We’re followed by the buoyant bounce of “Money Dance”, a catchy number that recalls Duckwrth’s ability to create memorable songs accompanied with a melodic flow. Other standouts such as “Quick” unravel in a swaggering pace, complete with smooth cadences and a subtle reference to the newfound rapper’s fame and ability to provide. Although the album is packed with noteworthy collaborations like close friend G.L.A.M. or Kyle Dion, it’s Ducky’s effort with EARTHGANG that solidifies his position as one of hip hop’s most compelling acts.

Funk-heavy production, vintage glistening keys, and simmering beats weave in and out of the psychedelic ambience of “Super Bounce”. As Duckwrth and the Atlanta rappers rebound off each other’s playful passages, the track stands out as an essential summer favourite. “SuperGood” doesn’t stop there, continuing to bring an exceptional variety of classic hip-hop complimented with touches of funk and pop. Personal favourite, “Tuesday” is a standalone track that has promising mainstream potential. Taking the opportunity of a weekday as a moment to express his hype and proficiency, the track has piercing 808 rhythms and a quintessential phrase emanating “it’s feeling like the weekend”, an infectious lyrical puzzle that can’t help but get me dancing. Equal parts moving in it’s soaring soul moments, and exhilarating among hip-hop heavy collaborations, “SuperGood ” is the summit of Duckwrth’s stunning versatility.

Stream: Republic Records
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