Disclosures debut album ‘Settle’ has a special place in my heart because every single song on the album captures a carefree feeling using smooth house production. As soon as I heard the duo’s latest track ‘Douha (Mali Mali)’, which features the vocals of rising Malian artist Fatoumata Diawara (who also sung on their track ‘Ultimatum’), I was instantly transported back to when I heard a song by Disclosure for the very first time and fell in love with the crisp and complex melodies they’ve now become known for. ‘Douha (Mali Mali)’ is Disclosure at their finest – and it’s so wonderful. 

‘Douha (Mali Mali)’ features some lovely deep house synths that swim around an energetic beat and bouncing samples. The melody charges forward and feels warm, like the sun shining on your face. Disclosure’s production doesn’t take charge on ‘Douha (Mali Mali)’, instead it lifts up Diawara’s vocals as she sings about her home beloved country. Even if you’ve never been to Mali, after listening to Diawara pay tribute to the country, you get the feeling that it’s welcoming, colourful and full of happy people. 

This is what Disclosure do best when they collaborate with a vocalist, they allow their signature production style to lift up the lyrics and really embrace the artist they’re working with. ‘Douha (Mali Mali)’ embraces Diawara and presents her talents in a really fun way. This is a song that will get you dancing and make you fall in love with Disclosure all over again. 

Stream: Island Records
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