Philadelphia producer Attic Beats has teamed up with frequent collaborators in UK duo Son of Cabe for an uplifting offering titled ‘The Way’ that serves as an anthemic piece about overthinking and distance between individuals, which in current times is needed more than ever!

Beginning in a minimalistic yet ambient manner with the echoed guitars and Cabe’s laid back melodies, ‘The Way’ rises in intensity softly in the initial periods with the subtle splashes of synths that lead us into the powerful chorus. Combining screeching guitars with impenetrable synths, Attic Beats creates a force not to be reckoned with that commands significant attention alongside Son of Cabe‘s catchy hooks.

‘The Way is about those moments you get carried away with negative thoughts, which I feel is applicable now more than ever with everything that’s going on in the world’ – Son of Cabe

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