In his latest offering Australian producer tyDi has teamed up with American Idol finalist Geena Fontanella for an inspiring 80’s themed electronic/pop collaboration titled ‘Nerve’ that endeavours to act as a talking point for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

With enlightening synths combining with the deep-hitting drums and bass partnership on offer, ‘Nerve’ looks to balance the colour palate of dark and lightness to drive home the deep message in the lyricism. As Fontanella’s vocals mesmerise us across the duration of the piece (and in particular with the haunting reverb in the bridges), tyDi manipulates his mix perfectly to ensure that there’s plenty of room in the jam-packed depth of production for that final piece of the puzzle.

“We wrote this song for people who don’t always stand up for themselves. The ones who might feel taken for granted. The people who are the loudest say they’ve “fallen on their sword”. But the people who are the loudest shouldn’t be the only voice in the room. We added the line “I know that we want the same” as a nod to our shared humanity — sometimes it helps to remember we’re all just human in the end.” – tyDi

Stream: Global Soundsystem Records
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One thought on “tyDi – ‘Nerve’ (Ft. Geena Fontanella)

  1. Andreas says:

    Amazing track!!

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