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Tina Says has been on the Australian electronic scene for quite a while, but every time she releases a new track, we get to experience something brand new from her. This is what makes her music so exciting because as she experiments with her production, you’re always presented with something completely different and ‘Limbo’ is certainly something we haven’t heard from Tina Says before. 

Firstly, this is the Perth-based producer’s first vocal-led collaboration with Queensland vocalist Jeremy Beamish. Although this is her first crack at a vocals-led track, Tina says already seems to know exactly how to balance the vocals with her house-heavy production, without other of them fully taking over. We’ve all heard a song where either the vocals, or the melody, are being drowned out, but on ‘Limbo’, everything is in perfect balance with the wobbling bass, acid synths and gritty accents complimenting Beamish, rather than overtaking him. Although ‘Limbo’ feels like a track you’d hear at a club – where you’ll usually find Tina Says – midway through the track everything slows down and we get to enjoy a sweet piano bridge that feels so delicate against the rest of the track. It’s a calm moment before the beat returns and it also shows the versatility of Tina Says. There’s a lot more to her than meets the eye and ‘Limbo’ is just the beginning.

It’s wonderful to watch a producer as talented as Tina Says really start to blossom and stretch herself in new directions. You can’t predict what she’ll do next and it makes every one of her releases that much more exciting because every song feels fresh and unpredictable. What will we hear next from Tina Says? Who knows, but I’m ready for it!

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