LA indie/electronic artist Stephen has returned soon after the released of his most recent single ‘Stray Nights’ for a welcomed change of pace in ‘Delilah’, an emotionally-charged final taste of his forthcoming album ‘Akrasia’ dropping in August.

Utilising the elegance of the pianos to fuel the sombre tone of the piece, Stephen chooses to adopt a minimalistic approach to the composition and rather allow his passionate melodies to take centre stage and drive the narrative. With a subtle injection of both electronic and organic instrumentation utilised in the explosive chorus, ‘Delilah’ showcases pure emotion in its rawest possible state and allows Stephen to strike a chord with his listeners.

“Delilah is the name I’ve given my shadow – my repressed, unrecognized potentials and desires…She is temptation. She is seduction. The process of getting to know her has been scary and exciting, a deep sense of self-acceptance and power reached through self-annihilation.” – Stephen

Stream: Heroic
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