In a time where a lot of us a feeling a sense of disconnect from one another, Slow Magic has brought forth an atmospheric bliss within his latest single ‘Somewhere’ (which features Woven In Hiatus) to inspire us all to remain connected during these difficult times.

Produced with Shallou, Slow Magic transports you to a world of tranquility through the subtle injection of ambient synths and lush arpeggios that build slowly but surely in the mix. As the haunting vocal samples float in the backdrop and rise to the forefront, they are met with ascending synth bass that in partnership with the deepened percussion carries through the upbeat tempo into the soundscape. ‘Somewhere’ concludes with a vast array of colour splashing about with the synths making their presence felt, and most importantly transferring that much needed positivity into our hearts.

“’Closer 2 U’ represents the difficulties of distance and the importance of connection. I want this EP to encourage and inspire people to reach out to the ones they care about in a time where we are all feeling distant.” – Slow Magic

Stream: Imaginary Friends
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