German producer Satin Jackets has returned to our hearts this week with some more of his dreamy soundscapes with the highly anticipated release of the ‘Hidden Treasures’ EP that not only transports you to a happier place, but gets you moving with its infectiousness. 

Including previous singles ‘Hundred Fifty Up’ and ‘Little Airplanes’, Satin Jackets reveals two brand new singles that pick up where the last ones left off. Centralising themselves with ambient and lush pads that lather us up in positivity, ‘Hidden Treasures’ maintains its uptempo stylings with the use of grooving percussion with plenty of life as the perfect motivator to get you dancing.

“Over the past few years I’ve made pop-crossover singles like ‘Mirage’, worked with some incredible indie artists like Panama on Automatic and last but certainly not least had the biggest Satin Jackets hit to date with ‘Northern Lights’, featuring David Harks, all great vocal releases,” explains Tim.

“This year though something shifted and I felt the need to again turn my hand to producing instrumental tracks. That resulted in the ‘Golden Cage’ EP, but even there we eventually got Cypriot vocalist Metaxas to add vocals to one of the tracks, ‘Meridian Gateway’. That turned out great but it made me realise just how important it was to focus on crafting music that was completely my own and can shine without the need of vocals.” – Satin Jackets

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