MY PLAYLIST is a new series where we ask artists to share some of their favourite/inspiring/go-to songs, and we’re very lucky to be kicking it off this week with Australian producer Motez

“Given that I haven’t been able to play any shows, I’ve recompiled my club playlist to completely fresh songs that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. A blend of straight-down techno, to the more melodic stuff and everything in between. I’m just intrigued by music that’s unique in its tone and soundscapes. There you’ll find lots of Rex The Dog and Adana Twins (who have been a massive influence on my club music lately), as well as stuff Cassian, Loods, Cristoph, Tsha as well as a couple of belters from my ‘Slow Down’ collaborator Qrion. And as a snapshot of what I’ve been playing lots of, I’ve added Pain by Boy Harsher, I’ve been listening to so much of that sort of “coldwave” music, a lot of it coming out of Russia.” – Motez


Just recently Motez released this stunning new ep called “Solitude” that you really need to get your ears on – it’s out now via Sweat It Out!

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