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Rotterdam producer and artist Moods brings forth a stellar collaboration with one of our favourites in Two Another titled ‘Control’ that is one of the coolest tracks going around!

‘Control’ sees the best of both artists coming to the ballpark, with Two Another‘s undeniably smooth R&B soaked vocals shining across the mix and Moods playful instrumentation of charismatic bass, crisp drums grooving away and delicious riffs from the guitar that sit in perfectly with the thick synths pushing their way through. When you put these two together, you are left in awe of what you just witnessed. 

“I remember being very influenced by Prince while working on he Control beat, his more uptempo work really clicked with me at that time. It felt like the ‘Control’ demo really needed vocals and at that time I was in touch with Eliot from Two Another…The whole process was real smooth and it was such a pleasure to work with these guys.” – Moods

Stream: Boogie Angst
Moods: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Two Another: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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