I love the energy of Maya Delilah – she has all the youthful, colorful bounce of someone in their 20s, and the skill of someone who’s been in the game for years.  She’s also the kind of artist who can pull up in a baby pink sundress and then shred the shit out of a guitar – which, personally, I think is enough of a reason to listen to her first ever EP, ‘Oh Boy.’ 

As Maya experiments with her sound, she takes us through the narrative of starting a relationship, elevating those emotions through gentle harmonies and the occasional pop twist.  It’s her R&B-inspired sound that makes for such easy listening – from the head-bop beat underneath “I’m Just Stupid” to the gorgeous guitar solo on “Breathe Easy,” Maya leaves us with a sweet summertime soundtrack that only shows the start of her potential. The next time you have a crush and feel inspired to pick petals off a daisy (does he love me, does he love me not?), I recommend listening to this EP instead – it’ll leave you in a much better, feel-good mood. ?

Stream: Maya Delilah
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