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London-based artist MAX RAD has had a busy 2020 already with the release of his debut EP ‘Save Me From Myself Part.1’, and now with his latest glimpse into Part 2 of the series in new single ‘It’ll All Be Fine’ he changes the pace up a bit with an uplifting and positive offering.

Featuring a warm electronic instrumentation base compiled of inviting synths that rise to the occasion, energetic beats and robust bass line, ‘It’ll All Be Fine’ achieves plenty of depth within its polished production that allows the stirring vocals to shine across the mix and heighten the soundscape significantly.

“’It’ll All Be Fine’ is like a hallucination, an outer body experience. I think within healing, it is so important to try and take yourself outside of yourself. Look at the bigger picture, don’t let yourself be swallowed up internally. When you realise that your inner dialogue is getting a little bit damning of yourself, it can feel like when you’ve been at a party too long and things start to go a bit dark and it’s time to leave.” – MAX RAD

Stream: Three Sign
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