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Italian producer MadD3E and British/Italian singer/songwriter BVRGER are no strangers to collaboration having previously produced some impressive music together, but in their new single ‘Would You’ we’ve arguably heard their best yet with this absolute banger!

Paying homage to the funk and 90’s hip hop worlds, MadD3E and BVRGER bring forth the best of these worlds with an energetic instrumentation ensemble of synths and keys, whilst providing the groove in the percussion which ensures plenty of colour on offer. With the commanding vocals smacking you in the face and demanding your attention immediately, ‘Would You’ is one track that will definitely leave its mark on you.

“On the “Would You” beat I heard BVRGER straight away. I wanted him to make it super special. To me, he may be the best songwriter and singer of our time – super versatile and he always delivers funny and/or deep, relatable lyrics. As you may know, he doesn’t do a lot of features, hence I was super lucky that he agreed to jump on the beat. I might owe him a couple of Carbonaras for the feature :-)” – MadD3E

Stream: Sidekick Music
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