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With news of a forthcoming release ‘SIDE A’ in the works, New Zealand band LEISURE give us our first glimpse of what might just be in store with a fresh and funky new single ‘Slipping Away’ that carries a copious amount of swagger and style within it.

Featuring a lush instrumentation base filled with soulful goodness in every aspect, ‘Slipping Away’ from the minute it starts transfers a warmth through the mix. With the airy vocals drifting through the smooth soundscape created, LEISURE maintain an effortlessness all the way through with its easy-going guitar stylings and grooving drums that you instantly want to immerse yourself in.

“‘Slipping Away’ comes from a place of good intention…Knowing you need to step up and be better for the ones you love despite on-going challenges. Musically we based the song around the guitar riff which was a first for us.” – LEISURE

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