Straight after their last release ‘Jungle Train’ only a month ago, Sydney production duo Lamalo are back to get their funk on once again with their brand new single ‘Qué Pasó’ (ft. ANGE) with plenty of groove packed into its three-minute duration.

The infectiousness of ‘Qué Pasó’ immediately hits us from the word go, with ANGE‘s soothing Spanish vocals playfully bouncing around the mix and allowing the engaging instrumentation to enter the arena bit by that. Comprised of sun-drenched guitars, super smooth bass, lively drums and vibrant keys, Lamalo endeavour to get you on your feet dancing with another colourful offering full of momentum. 

“The song came about in a very organic way. Yossi began playing chords on the keyboard and experimenting with sounds. Mich added a very powerful bass and I started writing…Angie wrote the lyrics and they were actually quite poignant, we felt that they combined with the music in an interesting way to make some sort of bittersweet dance-floor banger.” – Lamalo

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