Four years after the release of his ‘Last Glow’ EP, French producer Kartell is back in a big way with his uplifting new single ‘All In’ (featuring London-based rapper Che Lingo) which features an array of colour and swagger within.

‘All In’ dips its toes within the worlds of funk and hip hop through an eclectic display of colour within its key elements, such as the super-groovy bass guitars and fresh synths setting the soundscape in tact before Che Lingo‘s fast-paced melodies spitting pure fire in the verses as well as providing a nice change of pace in his chorus approach.

“All In represents the idea I have of the end of a hot summer day, its colours and intense lightness. It’s a funky, positive song which can also be read in contrast. Che Lingo captures this in-between moment, between rap and singing, optimism and resignation.” – Kartell

Stream: Roche Musique
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