Sydney multi-instrumentalist Jerome Blazé has come through with what might just be the most vibrant and enlightening EP you’ll come across this year in ‘Open, A Home’, a six-track offering that encompasses significant depth within its instrumentation whilst maintaining a positivity that will ensure your spirits are lifted immediately.

Whilst you travel through the track listing that flows in and out of each track with absolute ease, you’ll be able to witness musicianship at its highest with an immense depth of instrumentation utilised to create a powerful wall of sound during the pivotal rises and falls. In a time period whereby we all need that injection of positivity more than ever, let Jerome Blazé take you on that well overdue journey into a new dimension full of colour and motivation.

“As the idea of the EP grew the relationship between the songs began to develop in an interesting way – the ensembles became incrementally smaller as the track-list moved forwards, from the Sax and string quartet, clarinet, trumpet and trombone on ‘Intro (Us, Fall In)’, to just the solo clarinet on the final song ‘Monday’. At the same time, the meaning of the songs moves in the opposite direction, from grappling with a more inward-facing relationship struggle in ‘Fall’, to looking outwardly and encouraging a broader sense of empathy and trust in ‘Wild Faith’” – Jerome Blazé

Stream: Eyegaze
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