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Multi-talented Dutch producer and DJ Jarreau Vandal returns with the eagerly anticipated ‘Suburb Superhero: The Villain Within’ EP,  a release that represents both his personal and sonic evolvement. With a genre-fluid sound that takes from elements of hip-hop, pop, and jazz the artist has not only gained recognition for his eclectic DJ sets but his ability to convey his musical scope in his previous releases.

Lead single ‘Bad Shit’ was recently featured on a COLORS session, demonstrating the artist’s live capabilities and artistic range. His voice rides off of the neo-soul vibe also featuring grooving fragments from ‘My Way’. A lyrical journey that covers regret and addiction, the track is up for interpretation making for an emotive song that relates to his audience. Light percussion and particular sampling recalls Jarreau’s subtle club influences in the opening notes of ‘Midnight’. Accompanied by the easing flow of Kojey Radical, the song brings a sensual energy to the EP. Another standout track ‘Slow It Down’, features spectacular vocals from Kiah Victoria, complemented with funky sound design and layers of bright brass work. ‘My Way’ is his strongest personal composition to date, as Jarreau takes the lead to create a catchy slow burner with hypnotic melodies. Embedded with soulful strings and afro-beats rhythms, Jarreau demonstrates the promising beginnings of a mainstream hit.

There’s so many standout moments in this EP, as both ‘Nothing Nice’ and ‘Cold Outside’ also illustrate some meticulous and gorgeous arrangements from the artist. However, if there’s one main takeaway a listener can have from Jarreau’s latest project is the live instrumentation spotlighted throughout the work. A refreshing range of acoustics carry the EP, making for the essential summer soundtrack. With ‘Suburb Superhero: The Villain Within’ we see the artist’s ability is limitless, solidifying a signature sound that is undeniably Jarreau Vandal.

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