I really enjoyed ‘Fabric’, Henry Green’s 2nd single from his sophomore LP – so you can imagine my delight when I heard ‘Half Light’ in full, and it was a beautiful expansion of all those swirling melodies I loved.  It’s something I’ve kept playing in the background to bring me back down when I’m too far off in my own head and need space to pause.  Henry’s symphonic world is full of synthetic sounds and live instruments that merge in and out of each other, each moment creating something the listener can easily latch on to.  How you choose to listen is entirely up to you – you can lose yourself in the music, or you can cling to one of the many isolated lyrics that stick out.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Realign’ – particularly the refrain of “We dissolve in it and when we fall in / Softening, we realign.”  Those lyrics about change – and maybe that means coming to terms with your own predispositions, or speaking up and holding yourself accountable – really hit close to home.  

For me, I loved how this album made it so easy to close my eyes and fade into sound.  ‘Yoyuu,’ named after the Japanese idiom which highlights “the calm before a momentous event,” was by far my favourite.  The title describes the feeling of the song perfectly – every listen left me poised on the edge of my own cliff, waiting to see what the metaphorical world before me would morph into next.  Between Henry’s thoughtful exploration of his own feelings and sweet musical production, ‘Half Light’ provides an LP full of poetry that wraps you in noise and provides vulnerable moments of growth.  

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