Queensland producer Health Club is a talented guy and over the last couple of years, has been collaborating with some of the country’s most exciting acts on quite a few amazing projects. Now, two years after releasing his last single, Health Club has unveiled his latest solo track ‘Way Too Long’ which sees New Zealand duo Foley providing beautiful vocals to compliment the track’s groovy melody.

Everything on ‘Way Too Long’ just feels good. The vibrant tones, sweet chimes and light percussion send out so many fun vibes and just instantly lifts your mood. Smooth synths slide beside an incredibly infectious beat and when that bouncing bassline jumps into the mix, you can’t help but dance along, because it’s completely irresistible! Crisp and light production like this is just a joy to listen to and when it’s mixed with Foley’s beautiful (and relatable) lyrics, it really makes you feel great.

‘Way Too Long’ is a feel-good track because, despite the longing in the lyrics, the vibe of the song really lifts your spirits. As soon as you hit play your mind clears and you feel warm, energetic and ready to dance. Whether he intended to or not, Health Club has provided the world with a really great song that can make you feel happier and more optimistic in just over three minutes – I told you he was talented! 

Stream: Off Leash Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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